As a first time mum to a 7 month old, there is so much noise around me on what to use and not to use for my baby. Working for a dermatologist, one product line that I’ve heard comes highly recommended is QV Baby Skincare, so I was very excited and comfortable using this product line on my baby.

QV Baby Moisturising Cream Review by Aubrey

First look

When looking for products for my babes skin I wanted to make sure there were no harsh chemicals or fragrances. It’s reassuring to know that QV Baby moisturising cream ticks both those boxes. Selfishly, I also wanted to make sure it’s non-greasy as I can’t stand the feel of that and this product also ticks that box. Tick, tick, tick!

Knowing that QV moisturising cream has the tick of approval from the eczema association of Australia gives this mama so much peace of mind. Both myself and baby’s dad had eczema as children so I want to get the best products from the start for my little one.

QV Baby Moisturiser Mum Review


I first used the QV Baby moisturising cream as part of my baby’s night time routine making sure to apply it to his dry patches. Usually I notice in the morning that his dry patches are still quite flaky, but not after using the QV Baby moisturising cream. It’s thicker than other creams without leaving that oily residue.


One of the amazing things I noticed was when going to put it on for the second night in a row that 24 hours later his skin was still soft and moisturised from the night before.

QV Baby Moisturising cream Mummy Review by Aubrey

It also doubles as a nappy cream! This is a win for me when as we no longer have to buy multiple products for different reasons and areas of the body.

A little of this product goes a long way. Other moisturisers are thinner and you need more to feel like it’s benefiting baby’s skin. Because of this reason, the bottle lasts ages making the price tag well worth it!


Would I recommend QV Baby Moisturising Cream? 100% yes. And if you don’t take my word for it, ask any dermatologist as it is dematologocally tested and has the eczema association tick of approval. It’s also easy to use for those babies on the move! My baby does not like to slow down and this bottle is easy to use for the wiggliest of babies.

Ever since using the QV Baby moisturising cream I have been incorporating the other QV baby products in to my baby’s daily routine and my baby’s skin has improved greatly! No more dry patches. This is one happy mama!!

QV Baby Skincare Mum Review by Shannon

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