As a mum of four kids, I’ve tried a lot of different bath products and I have to honestly say that QV baby bath oil is my favourite one and this is why.

QV Baby Skincare Range Review

First Impressions:

My second and third child developed eczema from about 3 months of age so bath oils and creams became a big part of my daily routine. Greasy baths were driving me crazy but it was a sacrifice I thought I had to make, until I found QV Baby Bath Oil. The non-greasy formula was truly a game changer for my bath time. I was so impressed as the added Vitamin E helped to rejuvenate my babies eczema-prone skin but it didn’t leave my tub a slimy mess. The fact that is was also free from fragrance, lanolin, and propylene glycol meant it was suited for my precious newborns skin.

QV Baby Bath Oil review


I had every eczema cream to try and help my babies skin but none seems to be as effective as QV. My doctor told me to stop using soaps on my babies skin and just add QV Baby Bath Oil to the bath and apply QV Baby Moisturising Cream after bath. After just one week I was so impressed by the turnaround in my babies dry skin and reduction of eczema outbreaks.


The Bath Oil is suitable for everyday use for mums who just want to save time as its so effective that lotions are almost not needed after bath. It’s also very effective for babies with sensitive skin types like eczema. Another thing I struggled with staying on top of was cradle cap for all four of my babies but the QV Baby Bath Oil definitely helped soften the skin so I could tackle this a bit better.

QV Baby Bath Oil mum review by Kari (1)


I recommend the QV Baby Bath Oil to all mums who want a safe product for their babies to help with their daily moisturise routine. The paediatrician recommended bath oil definitely helped my children who suffered from eczema. My four kids still like to bath together with their QV products.

QV Baby Moisturising Cream