Becoming a new parent brings feelings of happiness, love, adoration, and affection. Yet, watching your Baby grow into a chaotic toddler, comes with as much joy as it does ambiguity. Navigating the parenting journey and building your confidence as a first-time parent doesn’t come easy without support – whether it be a partner, grandparent, or nanny. Luckily, we live in a time where parents can look to smart baby monitors to provide them with more peace of mind knowing they have insight into indicators for Baby’s well-being.

Owlet Product Review

Investing in a smart baby monitor goes beyond the normal camera that watches over your little one as they sleep. A smart baby monitor has the ability to grow with Baby, and to make the appeal even better, it can capture certain patterns for new mums and dads that otherwise wouldn’t be picked up.

Owlet Smart Sock V3 Product Review

After trialling and testing different smart baby monitors, one of our top picks is the Owlet Smart Sock. Developed by four passionate dads with a simple vision to create products to help parents make informed decisions about their babies and bring them invaluable peace of mind, the award-winning Smart Sock has tracked more than 1 million babies worldwide.

A sock that fits comfortably on Bub’s foot, the Owlet Smart Sock tracks Baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and sleep trends, sharing insight in real-time via the Owlet Care App.

Owlet Product Review

Standout features of the Owlet Smart Sock

  • Improved tracking frequency – 97% tracking frequency over 8-hour sleep session.
  • Enhanced wireless charging – The Sock is able to be fully charged in just 90 minutes and has a battery life of 16 hours.
  • Snooze – Ability to snooze the Base Station notifications for more customised monitoring.
  • Real-time tracking – Oxygen level and heart rate are easily viewed in real time via the Owlet Care App.

Owlet Product Review

  • Tells you when baby needs you – The Base Station and Care App notify you when readings leave the pre-set zone.
  • Measure sleep trends – View total hours slept, number of wakings, sleep quality and more.
  • Fits 0-18 months – The fabric sock fits babies 2.26-13.6kg and is interchangeable between right and left feet.

Owlet Product Review

Since the introduction of the first Owlet Smart Sock seven years ago, 96% of parents using the Smart Sock say that they’ve felt less anxious and 94% have reported better sleep quality.

Owlet Smart Sock 3 RRP – $479.99

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