The Oricom Secure870 monitor and Babysense2 sensor was such a different experience from my first child and first monitor experience. We had a Motorola with our first child but the Oricom monitor is on a completely different level! However, it took both my husband and I a good hour to unpack both the monitor and sensor and make sense of it! The packaging these days are childproof for all ages!

Useful Features

  • The TOUCHSCREEN is the best advantage of this device and the night vision is so clear.
  • The lullabies were perfect for self settling and so easy controlling with the hand held unit, although the light show is a fun feature, I am not sure it was a winning feature for me.
  • The touchscreen is so user friendly and I also really like the docking style option for monitor, it made the everyday movements around the house more flexible.

Babysense2 Infant Breathing Monitor

I actually found the sensor gave me a certain peace of mind surprisingly, even with a second child and a small house, I would still jump up through the night to make sure my son was still breathing. Once we figured out how to install the sensor and test it, it did prove valuable to a mothers sleep deprived mental health .

One negative would be the lights a little too bright and not necessary. When the alarm does sound it is really screeching. Frightened both of us.

The sensor did start becoming an issue when my son started rolling, this would trip the alarm understandably.  I would say the sensor would be most beneficial in the first 3 months not withstanding all the other sleep requirements of a newborn advised by SIDS.

The Oricom Secure870 Monitor however, is the clear winner in this duo package and am still learning all the tricks it has to offer!