NUK are a brand that you always see in the baby section and now they have an amazing breast pump that is so effective you won’t need to dedicate half an hour or more per pumping session. For me time is precious as I have a newborn and a toddler, so I need to be able to quickly pump and the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump makes this possible!

First look

Erin Warren NUK pump review 04

The design of the NUK electric breast pump is sleek and modern, while the soft silicone cushion looks extremely comfortable (especially after using a plastic pump previously). It also appears a bit bigger than my previous pump.

Ease of use

I’m the kind of person who flicks through the product manual and then guesses how to use the product. This time was no different! The pump is fairly self-explanatory to use, especially if you’ve used an electric breast pump before. I only needed to consult the product manual to set up the memory function, which is an absolute lifesaver with a newborn and toddler! Oh, and did I mention there are 16 different power settings to choose from?

Erin Warren NUK pump review 05


The super comfortable silicone cushion molds to your breast and feels like a dream while pumping.


Erin Warren NUK pump review 08

Useful features

The light adjusting LED screen is more useful then you would think. It’s one of those inclusions that you don’t think you need until you do! The LED screen makes middle of the night pumping easy.

Erin Warren NUK pump review 02

If you’ve used a pump before or been around someone pumping you’ll be familiar with the bizarre noises they can make. I’m happy to report the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump makes hardly any noise; it’s so quiet I had to keep checking I had it on properly!

The rechargeable battery is a game changer! When using the pump on the go it doesn’t lose any power and is just as effective as it is plugged into a power point.

Erin Warren NUK pump review 09

Included with the pump are a milk container and a 0-6 month slow teat so you can easily go from pumping to bottle-feeding your little one.


This pump is the best thing since sliced bread! With my first baby I purchased a pump that everyone recommended and I was really disappointed with the time it took to pump and the amount of milk it produced. On my first use of the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump with baby number two I only needed 8 minutes on each side and ended up with almost 200ml of milk! The pump is so gentle and effective; I couldn’t stop staring at the stream of milk shooting out into the funnel.


The stand for the milk container isn’t stable and you could easily end up crying over spilt milk, so it’s best to not use it. Also, try to stay still while pumping to stop the silicone cushion from separating from your breast.

I would a million percent recommend the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump to new and experienced mums; this pump is a game changer!