Being a first time mum to a little girl who is now 10 weeks old, I was overwhelmed by all the breast pumps on the market. I needed a pump that was easy and portable so I could express when I wanted – anywhere. I was given the NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump to road test.


First look

I have tried another breast pump on the market but I wasn’t able to express much milk so I was hoping the NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump would feel more natural, as the pump I was using was uncomfortable and hurt to use.

I also need a breast pump that is fast – I run my own business and anyway I can gain extra time in my day is great. The NUK Nature sense electric breast pump comes with is soft silicone cushion and I find is the closest to my little ones sucking than the other one I had tried.

Ease of use

I found the NUK breast pump to be great and really gentle on my skin and nipples. It has 16 rhythm and suction settings which made it easy to find one similar to my little ones sucking. Given the issues with the hardness of the last pump around my nipples it really hurt and I didn’t want my nipples to get sore again. The NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump has a soft silicone cushion which made my day – no pain when expressing! 


I am using a breast pump to boost my milk supply for when I go back to work. The NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump has been really effective in getting my milk supply up. It doesn’t hurt my nipples and I am getting enough milk to start storing it away. So I would say that is a win.

It feels so natural, it even remembers my favourite setting so I don’t have to remember it every time. 



I really happy with this product so I would say it has been worth the retail value, my first pump was a lot more expensive as it was a double pump but in the end I didn’t need a double as the NUK pump does a better job. My little one has no problems taking the NUK bottles either.



I would certainly recommend the NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump to any mum wanting a natural feel when it comes to expressing their milk. Its ease of use really helped, as well and the 16 settings – this made it easy to find a setting that mirrored my little ones sucking action – just brilliant!