When I first started bottle feeding, I spent weeks filtering through various bottle options on the internet and reading hundreds of reviews from other mums. As we are often told, every baby is different and   not every product works best for your baby, like they did for other mums. That lead me on the search to find a bottle that was best suited my child; with ease of use, teat shape, colic friendly and flow. 

I was lucky enough to be able try the NUK First Choice+ Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control with the very handy temperature control guide. 

First look: 

The bottle is high quality, BPA free with no plastic smells. The teat looks and feels sturdy and has a temperature gauge imprinted onto the bottle.

You can clearly see the smart temperature indicator (which is the two thin blue lines down the bottle), which will turn white when the contents reaches over 37 Degrees Celsius. I was excited to begin use!


I tested the NUK First Choice+ Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control effectiveness with the inbuilt thermometer, and it worked instantly! It is very effective with picking up heat inconsistencies.

Bonus was, bub took to the bottle teat instantly! You could see he was comfortable with how the teat pressed against the roof of his mouth.

The anti-colic feature seems to have worked well for us. Bub did not get any wind pain immediately after drinking. Avoiding any discomfort after feeding is always a huge relief. I was very impressed.


The teat and bottle are a match made in heaven. The bottle has been clinically tested for a 99% acceptance rate due to the natural teat shape of a mother’s breast.

The design is moulded in a way that it replicates a mothers natural feeding position. The teat is a soft silicone design with an added air vent for an anti-colic feature; this helped bub drink without swallowing air.

The size of the NUK First Choice+ Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control is perfect. It was very easy to hold and it didn’t feel uncomfortable due to the length and width of the neck.


I would recommend the NUK First Choice+ Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control to mothers who constantly worry about the temperature of their bottles. The temperature control is effective and works instantly. The bottle has an added bonus of being accepted by babies, due to the natural teat shape and anti-colic function. 

It is also super affordable for its functions. I have already begun recommending it to my friends. It is a real winner!