AS a first time mum, I was excited to try the Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump. Its sleek design and features had me curious. The promise of portability and the ability to pump directly into bottles was a major draw card.

First Look

Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump

The Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump boasts an elegant and minimalist design, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Assembling it is a breeze, and upon closer inspection, you’ll notice charming intricate details in the silicone components of the product. One noteworthy feature of this pump is its portability, allowing you to express milk directly into bottles for convenient feeding sessions with your baby.

Initially, I had reservations about the funnel size, especially given my larger breast size. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was during use. To maximise comfort and efficiency whilst pumping, I highly recommend pairing it with a bra designed for pumping to help secure it in place.


Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump

Initially, I had some doubts about whether I needed a double pump as I had previously used a single breast pump before. However,  I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient using a double pump can be. With the double function, I was able to pump an impressive 240mls of milk in a single session! This achievement left me convinced that the Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump is poised to become an invaluable addition to my daily life, particularly as a working mum.

I discovered that this pump performs optimally when I alternated between its stimulation and pumping modes. This dynamic approach seemed to elicit a more rapid and efficient milk flow. To take my pumping experience a step further, I found that using the pump after a warm shower or applying a warm compress was highly effective in facilitating milk expression.


Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump

The Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump is a remarkable device that offers a multitude of convenient features. It is impressively lightweight and compact, making it highly portable for mums on the go. This pump is equipped with two distinct pumping modes: a stimulating mode with six adjustable levels and a more robust nine-level pumping mode. What’s truly versatile about this pump is its ability to function both as a single or double pump, catering to various needs.

Its extended battery life is a notable advantage, lasting up to 2 hours between charges. This means I can confidently rely on it throughout a full workday on a single charge. Even if I ever find myself low on battery, I can count on a swift recharge, taking just 40 minutes to get back in action.

One of the standout aspects of the Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump is its user-friendly design. The touch-sensitive LED control panel simplifies the pumping process, and the inclusion of a lanyard and bottle stands adds that extra hand every busy mum appreciates. Moreover, the flanges offer flexibility in terms of comfort and fit. They can be used as is or with silicone cushions (available separately) to provide enhanced comfort and a snugger fit. Personally, I opt for flange inserts to achieve a closer fit and maximise milk yield.


Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump

I wholeheartedly endorse the Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump to anyone in search of a breast pump with strong suction capabilities and exceptional comfort. This pump has truly impressed me with its performance.

In terms of portability, while it excels in many aspects, such as its efficiency and comfort, its design follows a more traditional style. This can make it a bit challenging to use while multitasking or working around the home. However, if your primary focus is on the quality of the pump itself, the Mininor Breast Pump is an outstanding choice.