After seven months of exclusively breastfeeding my son, I was excited to try the Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump. My last experience with pumping was not a pleasant one but I had heard lots of positive things about the brand, so I was very optimistic about giving it a go!

First Look

When I first saw the Medela Solo, I was instantly impressed by how intuitive the design was. Simple buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the suction. The size fits perfectly in my small nappy bag and there are only a few pieces so I was able to put it together very quickly without constantly referring to the instructions, perfect for a sleep-deprived mum!

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe


I am so glad the Medela Solo pump is battery operated so I am free to pump anywhere or even use it while it charges! I took this pump with me on a little getaway and I was able to get through the week with only one charge! Amazing! Portability is crucial for me, especially because my son is constantly on the move, wanting to play or be held.

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe

I was also very surprised by how quiet it was. I was able to sit next to my husband while watching tv and he didn’t notice!


I found this pump extremely efficient and I especially loved the added let down button. I have quite a fast let down and this button allows me to switch between the 2 phases of expressing, exactly as my baby would!

Medela’s oval shield was new to me, I had never used one with this shape. But I love it! Super comfortable and fits me perfectly so I don’t leak or lose any of the gentle suction from the pump.

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe

I had no idea about the difference between an open system and a closed system before using the Medela Solo pump, but after using it (and washing it) the closed system is a game changer! No dirty tubes or extra pieces to wash. You only need to wash the bottle, shield, and two pump pieces. Super easy!

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe


I highly recommend the Medela Solo for anyone who needs to pump on the go or to get a few bottles ready for dinners out, like me. The convenience of having a pump that is efficient and mimics your baby’s feeding is perfect to slot into your day-to-day routine.

Medela Solo Pump Real Mum Review Phoebe


When purchasing something that you will use every day, it’s important to get something from a reputable brand. The quality of the Medela Solo pump is fantastic and I know I will use this pump with my next babies too, which makes the price worth it for me.

Overall this pump is a game changer for me, I wish I had it from the beginning!