Every so often a simple everyday product is given a refresh and that is no different with breast pumps. When women think of breast pumps the image of a big, noisy, clunky, and corded device comes to mind but the humble breast pump has undergone a glow-up! Now when we talk about breast pumps, we mean cordless, silent, portable, and discreet.

Tommee Tippee, a much-loved baby brand, has released the Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump, which enables mums to live life hands-free and achieve a balanced life that previously wasn’t available to pumping mums.

Thanks to Tommee Tippee’s innovative ConstantComfort technology, the Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump is able to mimic your baby’s natural suckling motion while holding the pump in place for an expressing experience that feels natural, firm, and efficient.

Tommee-Tippee-In-Bra breast pump

It wouldn’t be a true glow-up without the inclusion of mobile technology. The Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump by Tommee Tippee is able to be controlled through the remote-control screen on the app, which allows you to choose between massage and expression, adjustment, intensity, and register which breast you are using. One of the best features of the app is that it shows you a visual of how full your milk collector bottle is so that you don’t need to check manually. The app also has the ability to start, pause and stop a pumping session without needing to touch the pump.

Standout features of the Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump by Tommee Tippee

  • Wearable and wire-free – allowing you to move around and go about your daily life while pumping
  • Smart app enabled – to monitor and track your pumping with the convenience of your phone

  • Nipple alignment – for easy connection
  • ConstantComfort technology – the only pump that uses baby-like suction
  • Fits in regular bras – the pump should fit comfortably and securely inside nursing bras, but can also be used in regular bras
  • Compatible with the Closure to Nature range – the milk collector bottle is compatible with the Closer to Nature breast-like teats
  • Easy to charge – through the USB cable
  • Easy to clean – all parts except the main pump body can be placed in the dishwasher

  • Nipple alignment light – makes securing the pump easy even in low light

Remember, pumping shouldn’t be a scary experience and definitely shouldn’t feel painful. If you are feeling pain while pumping, try dropping down a setting until you find the right rhythm for you.

Tommee-Tippee-In-Bra breast pump


Buy Now: Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump by Tommee Tippee RRP $599.00 – Available from Tommee Tippee & Baby Bunting

As a provider of breastfeeding products, Tommee Tippee is committed to ensuring that their customers have the best possible experience using their products. When a customer purchases one of their breastfeeding products, they are offered the opportunity to book a 121 consultation with a member of Tommee Tippee’s customer service team. This personalised service is designed to assist the customer with the set-up of their product if they require any assistance.

In addition, Tommee Tippee offers free spare parts for their breastfeeding products via their direct-to-consumer website. These spare parts include extra horn sizes, bottle and pump parts, and more. Customers can easily access this service by visiting the “support” tab on the product page of Tommee Tippee’s website. Tommee Tippee wants to ensure that their customers have all the resources they need to have a successful breastfeeding experience, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service to help them along the way.