I was very excited when I was asked to review Little Bellies Organic Baby Bowls. Being a first time Mum, I have had many anxieties over beginning our solid food journey together, including what foods, how to prepare them and what texture the food should be. Now I don’t have to worry, Little Bellies came to my rescue!

Little Bellies Real Mum Review

First Look

I love that Little Bellies have developed tasty and healthy options that are safe for baby bellies, free of added sugars and salts. The bowls are a fantastic alternative to the common “pouches” found in supermarkets. The transparent bowls allow bubs to see, touch and smell their food which my daughter loves to do!

Little Bellies Real Mum Review


I couldn’t believe the excitement in my little one after her first mouthful. And what an added bonus it was that I know she is getting a great variety of fruits and grains in the smoothie and goodie bowls, and of vegetables and grains in the veggie bowls! I will also add here that I love that the bowls are reusable – I love my little stash of orange lidded bowls.


My anxieties are greatly reduced knowing that Little Bellies Organic Baby Bowls have been purposefully designed to support the natural development of our little ones, introducing appropriate first flavours and textures. My little one loves spoon-feeding  – as do I, must admit that I had a couple of mouthfuls too!


I would, and have, already recommended Little Bellies Organic Baby Bowls to friends and family who have little ones a similar age to my daughter. I know a lot of other parents, not necessarily first-time parents either, are anxious over how to introduce solids to their babies in a safe and enjoyable manner and I personally think Little Bellies Organic Baby Bowls are a  great solution!