Once your baby reaches around 6 months of age and shows all the signs of readiness for solids, you’ll be introduced to the exciting (and messy!) world of baby food.

Naturally you’ll want to make a lot of your own food, but life with a bub can get busy. You’ll most likely want some convenient yet nutritious options as back-up for those days when you’re sleep deprived, your baby is extra clingy, or you haven’t had a chance to get the groceries.

If you’ve wandered down the baby food aisle, you would have seen an overwhelming array of options. So many of the available commercial baby food options are largely in pouches (so your baby can’t see the food), sweetened with fruit, and lacking in texture and nutrients.

Australia’s much-loved baby food brand Little Bellies has decided to buck that trend. They’ve just launched their new Baby Bellies Organic Goodie Bowls, which is an exciting range of purees purposely-designed to make baby’s development priority number one.

Bellies Organic Baby Bowls

What are the benefits of Baby Bellies Organic Goodie Bowls for your baby?

  • Enables true interaction between you and your baby – It helps little ones see, touch, and smell their food, whilst learning about it in an engaging and enjoyable manner. The six variants help them discover new flavours, tastes, and food groups, making every mealtime a learning adventure.
  • Aids developmental oral and motor skills – “The mechanics of sucking on food and swallowing food from a pouch are completely different from those required to hold a spoon, place food on the tongue, move it around the mouth, and swallow. It’s really important for children’s natural development to learn to do things that seem only natural to their parents” (Simone Emery, Natural Feeding Advocate and children’s nutritionist)
  • Encourages mindful eating practices and behaviours – Spoon-feeding (rather than sucking on food as they do with a pouch) is particularly important for budding eaters as it facilitates eating meals one mouthful at a time. This is a mindful behaviour that gives little bodies time to signal fullness, and respects their natural ability to regulate their food intake.

Bellies Organic Baby Bowls

Key features of Organic Baby Bellies Bowls:

  • Variety in texture
  • Fruit-free options
  • Served in a see-through bowl
  • Natural, certified organic ingredients
  • No added sugar or salt
  • Portable, resealable, and reusable
  • Recyclable packaging

Bellies Organic Baby Bowls

What flavours and textures do the Organic Baby Bellies Bowls come in?

The new range features 6 variants, and includes four Simple Spoonfuls flavours (suitable from 6+ months) and two Tasty Textures flavours (suitable from 7+ months).

Little Bellies

The Simple Spoonfuls range includes:

  • Veggie Bowls – Pea and Carrot; Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, and Zucchini (fruit free)
  • Jumble Bowl – Sweet Potato, Carrot, & Brown Rice (a savoury blend of of veg and grain)
  • Goodie Bowl – Apple, Apricot, & Millet (a wholesome fruit and grain blend, specially designed for after or between meal snacks)

The Tasty Textures range includes:

  • Smoothie Bowls – Banana, Apple, & Oats; Apple, Strawberry, & Oats (both are fruit and oat breakfast purees that contain no added sugars)

Little Bellies

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls are available now from Woolworths & Coles stores across Australia RRP $2.25

For more information please visit https://bellies.com.au