It’s hard to believe in that first year of a new baby’s life, how much chaos a small person can create. That combination of sleep deprivation and your house being overcrowded with so many new baby-related products can turn even the most organised mum into a slave to the chaos!

All the new jobs that come with looking after a baby mean that you’re making things up as you go along. The new Heinz Freezer Pod Tray is designed to make life a little easier.

Once your baby starts on solid food, the most time-efficient way to ensure they are trying a whole range of foods is to batch cook, and freeze into Heinz Freezer Pods. Introduce one new food a week.

The Freezer Pod Tray is designed to hold Heinz plastic pods, which are all BPA-free and designed specifically for holding perfect baby-sized portions. The Freezer Pod Tray will keep all your food pods in one place and restore order to your frozen goods. The tray features a Flexi-soft base which allows for the easy removal of food pods.

As a mother of three, it is the small things that make all the difference. Opening your freezer and being able to easily locate dinner for your child after a hard day of crying, teething or restless sleep can make all the difference to your day.

The Heinz Freezer Pod tray comes in blue, green and pink. All Heinz baby basic products are safety tested and will take you through all stages of the feeding development.