Once your baby is showing signs of readiness for solid foods, that’s when the real fun begins! Yes, it’s incredibly messy fun, but it’s also an exciting milestone that doesn’t have to be complicated or costly to get started.

babyU has launched an exciting and super affordable range of Bamboo Meal Ware that will last you through every aspect of your baby’s food journey from the first mouthful, and into toddlerhood and beyond.

Because the range is made from bamboo and is neutral in colour, you don’t have to compromise on your planet-loving principles or style.

babyU product review

Introducing babyU’s newest addition to their family of products

The Baby Meal Ware range includes your first feeding essentials: plate (6 months+), bowl (6 months+), tumbler (12 months+), and cutlery (a spoon and fork pack; 12 months+).

Here are 4 reasons you’re going to love it:

1. Safe for your baby

Made from bamboo (otherwise known as the ‘super plant’) and polymer blends, you will have peace of mind that what your baby is eating off is free from the chemicals and nasties that many plastics contain that can potentially leach into food:

  • BPA free (BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical that is used to make certain plastics)
  • BPS free (BPS stands for bisphenol B, which is a widely used BPA replacement but may have similar health risks)
  • Melamine free (melamine is another industrial chemical)

2. Kind to the environment

Humans create a scary 300 million tons of plastic every year, 91% of which is single use and ends up in our oceans and landfills. Scientists predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish—and that’s not the future we want for our precious little ones!

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Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic because:

  • It’s the fastest growing plant on earth, growing to full size in just 3-4 months
  • No nasty pesticides and chemicals are required to harvest it
  • It absorbs double the amount of carbon dioxide as trees
  • It generates up to 30% more oxygen than plants and trees
  • 100% biodegradable, antifungal, and antibacterial
  • It’s doesn’t take lengthy and polluting production processes like plastic

Even the packaging the products come is recyclable, so they have thought of everything when it comes to caring for the planet!

3. Neutral design suits any table

Mealtimes should be fun for babies, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and simple. If you’re the kind of person who would prefer your table isn’t covered in bright kiddie prints and cartoon characters, then you’ll enjoy the earthy modern tone of this minimalist range.

babyU bamboo product images

Let the food be the hero instead…and just think of the tantrums you’ll avoid in the toddler years because you haven’t given them the green bowl!

babyU bamboo product images

For our recipe for eggy bread fingers, you can find it here plus other wholesome finger food breakfast ideas. To make pink porridge, simply add some frozen berries while it’s cooking.

4. Excellent quality and value for money

babyU is an established and trusted Australian-owned brand for parents and babies, whose ethos is ‘ making life easier’. They know parents need life to be as simple as possible, so they’ve created their meal ware range to be dishwasher safe and microwave oven safe.

They’re also passionate in their belief that parents do not need to pay a premium to get great quality products:

babyU Bamboo Meal Ware Plate RRP $10.00

babyU Bamboo Meal Ware Bowl RRP $9.00

babyU Bamboo Meal Ware Tumbler RRP $8.00

babyU Bamboo Meal Ware Cutlery RRP $7.00

babyU bamboo product review