After four to six months of exclusively feeding your baby breast milk and/or formula, they’ll begin to demonstrate the signs that they’re ready for the next step – food!
It’s an exciting time, but as with anything in life, things can get messy. So get prepared, and ensure your first-food journey more fun than frenetic!

Here are few essentials to get you started from the Heinz Baby Basics range:

Food storage

The Heinz Baby Basics Freezer Food Tray allows you to make the most out of every batch of homemade baby food.

Heinz Baby Basics freezer-tray

Each BPA-Free pod features a secure clip on lid, and is perfectly sized to accommodate baby-sized portions. And the soft silicone base makes popping frozen food out easy for when your need to defrost it. Healthy convenience!

Safe Spoons

The Heinz Baby Basics Twist Soft Tip Spoons feature a unique Flexisoft spoon tip, perfect for your baby’s sensitive gums. To keep things simple, especially when on the run, the spoons have been designed to twist directly onto baby’s favourite food packet. Each spoon tip is reusable and compatible with all Heinz Baby Food Pouches.

Baby Friendly Bowls

The Heinz Baby Basics Unbelievabowl is exactly as the name suggests – unbelievable! It includes a super strong suction, keeping the bowl firmly in place, preventing a mess at meal times. The Unbelievabowl will stick to non-porous surfaces such as your baby’s highchair or tabletop, is simple and easy to attach. No more mess!

Heinz Unbelievabowl

Snack holder

Little hands are notorious for dropping things. Waste less with the Heinz Baby Basics Snack pot

Catch the crumbs

The Heinz Baby Basics Bib with Crumb Catcher is a BPA-free, non-toxic hard wearing bib with a specially designed in-built pocket that catches crumbs, drips, spills and other mess. Must have for messy bubs.

Mini cutlery set

Get your little into good habits early on by encouraging the use of cutlery. The Heinz Baby Basics Spoon & Fork Set features specially curved handles with Flexisoft grip for extra comfort and safety. The durable stainless steel Spoon & Fork have been carefully designed with safety in mind and feature smooth curved edges.

Heinz Baby Basics Fork and Spoon setMess prevention

Keep the floor clean with the Heinz Baby Basics Play and Splash Mat. After meals, simply wipe it down with some mild soap and allow to air dry. It can also be used as a colourful play mat.

Sticky fingers

No matter how carefully your baby tries to eat, their fingers will no doubt be left sticky and covered in food. Heinz Baby Basics Sticky Fingers Wipes are Dermatologically tested, Alcohol free & hypoallergenic, they contain no latex or allergens so are safe to use on baby’s delicate skin.

Don’t forget the milk!

In those early months of feeding, milk will still form a major part of your baby’s diet, so a good bottle frush is a must. The durable nylon bristles and the fan-head brush ensures that food residues are easily cleaned from any hard-to-reach parts of your bottles and teats.

If bubs is on formula, having a formula dispenser for when you are on the go is very handy. The Heinz Baby Basics Formula Dispenser allows you to easily store baby formula in 3 separate compartments for easy dispensing and accurate formula feeds.

Heinz Baby Basics Formula Dispenser