Sleep time can be stressful (and elusive!) for some parents, but thankfully there are ways that we can encourage positive routines, processes and promote sleep! By implementing strategies such as consistent routines, following sleep cues, using devices that use pink noise, calming light, and fragrant aromas, babies and children can start to form the fundamentals of positive sleep experiences.

Euky Bear have partnered with leading experts to bring the above strategies together in one ascetically pleasing sleep aid. The Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid combines the proven benefits of sounds, light and aromatherapy to help babies drift off to sleep more easily and to settle throughout the night.

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

Standout features of Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid

  • Pink noise – soothing frequency found in nature that relaxes and calms
  • Soothing sounds – such as heart beats, waterfall, and specially composed lullabies
  • Red sleep light – encourages the body’s natural production of melatonin which assists babies to fall asleep

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

  • Eight rotating colours – white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink
  • Aromatherapy humidifier – gently releases ultra-fine mist into the air (no heat)
  • Compatible with Euky Bear Essential Oil range – to enjoy the natural wellness benefits of aromatherapy (suitable from 3 months+)

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

  • All night – the sleep aid can run all night
  • Cool touch – safe to touch
  • Suitable for babies 0+

How to use Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid

To use the Euky Bear Sweet Dream Sleep Aid it is recommended to introduce it to the usual bedtime routine by turning on the red sleep light to indicate it’s sleep time.

Turn on the soothing sounds and aromatherapy to ease your baby into a state of blissful relaxation for both day and night sleep.

Once your baby wakes you can switch to the coloured lights.

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

Euky Bear aromatherapy oils

Euky Bear have created five beautiful and relaxing essential oils, which are designed with babies in mind. These oils can be added into the Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid or diluted in carrier oil for massage or bath (from 3 months+).

Essential oils available in the range:

  • Sleep Time
  • Sniffly Nose
  • Tummy Ease
  • Bee Happy
  • Cuddle Calm

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid available through Chemist Warehouse – RRP $72.99