My first impression of the Braun ThermoScan 5 6030 Thermometer was ‘WOW’!

The packaging was simple, but effective. I liked that there wasn’t excessive amounts of plastic and all the packaging was recyclable.

Unpacking the thermometer, it appeared to be easy enough to use. I read the “quick set up’ sheet that was included, there really was no set up required. The thermometer came with an ear piece already attached and a box of 20 replacements. The only thing I had to do was peel off the protective screen cover.

Useful Features

Using the Braun ThermoScan 5 thermometer was simple and easy. It reads the baby’s temperature in 60 seconds, and was much easier than the old school under the arm thermometer I have in my medicine cabinet.

The feature of remembering the previous temperature when you switch it back on is excellent, especially if your child has a fever, its handy to refresh your memory of what their previous temperature was.

The Pre-Heated tip meant our baby didn’t squirm and wiggle away nearly as much. The warm tip wasn’t uncomfortable for her to have in her ear at all.

The lighting is fantastic; you don’t need to turn on harsh bright lights in the room during the evening/night to take baby’s temperature. It was also handy to use as a torch to get to and from baby’s cot in the dark.

The display screen is an excellent size and the numbers displayed are large enough to read in a sleep deprived haze.

I love the larger cradle that the actual thermometer sits in and the ability to mount it to a wall or cupboard. It was a decent size that it won’t get lost down the back of the cupboard and little hands find it difficult to pick it up and move it.


The unit switches off after being idle for approx 2 mins. It would be handy to be able to switch it off when you are finished to preserve the battery life.

Having to purchase additional ear pieces after you use up the initial 20 included in the pack could be a problem. After I used the product several times, I went to my local pharmacy to see if they stocked replacement ear pieces, only to be told they didn’t and it would need to be ordered in. This was the case at 3 different pharmacies in my area.

If it came with an option of a re-useable, cleanable tip, not only would it be more environmentally friendly, but it would eliminate the need for remembering to have spares on hand. Even if it was an extra accessory you could purchase separately.

Overall Experience

Overall, it is a fantastic product. It is simple to use, reducing discomfort for your child and is comfortable for both parent and baby.

My experience with the Braun ThermoScan 5 thermometer has been a positive one. It gave me peace of mind that my child’s temperature was steady, and the recall feature is definitely my favourite feature.

It would make an excellent gift for new parents or as an addition to a family’s medicine cabinet. It is safe and effective to use on not just babies, but children, teenagers and adults.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.