The Babystudio My First Swaddle Pack is a fantastic addition to any Mum-to-be’s hospital bag. The pack comes with three beautiful swaddles that are perfect for new-borns right through to nine months old.

The pack includes a Swaddle Pouch, a Swaddle Wrap and an All in One Swaddle Bag. Each swaddle offering something different for each stage of your baby’s growth.


The Swaddle Pouch

The Swaddle Pouch is perfect for the new born as it’s unique wrapping system mimics the feeling your bub experiences in utero. The Swaddle Pouch is perfect for any new Mum that can’t quite get the swaddling technique – the Swaddle Pouch does it for you. It has a single zip and provides plenty of room to move so your baby’s legs can settle easily into the natural frog-like position.

The Swaddle Wrap

Just as ingenious as the Swaddle Pouch, the Swaddle Wrap has a unique folding system and uses valcro to secure the swaddle; all helping to secure your baby’s arms so they don’t wake themselves up with the natural startle reflex.

All In One Swaddle Bag

As your baby grows they will start to resist swaddling and you’ll find they don’t like it as much. This is when it’s time to transition to the All in One Swaddle Bag. It provides enough tightness to offer the comfort of the swaddle, but has more fabric and free arms so your baby can stretch out in to their natural sleep position. The sleeves of the Swaddle Bag are cuffed and can fold back for open hands, or fold down to form mittens – great for those cold winter nights.

All the swaddles are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane and come with covered soft zips to protect your baby’s delicate skin. They come in an assortment of gorgeous patterns and colours to suit both Mum and bub.

The My First Swaddle Pack is amazing value at $60 and available from selected baby retailers or online.