Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies – Mummy Reviewers Application Form

We are currently seeking Australian parents to participate in a trial and review of Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies.

Trial Huggies Newborn Nappies on your newborn or infant

Huggies Newborn and Infant Nappies come highly recommended by NewbornBaby, emphasising their reliability, effectiveness, and the added benefit of the zinc-enriched layer for protection against irritation. These nappies include a patented DRYTOUCH® layer for quick absorption of runny poos, ensuring cleaner and drier baby skin. Additionally, their BREATHE DRY® technology promotes air circulation around the baby’s skin to help prevent nappy rash. With up to 12-hour leakage protection, silk-soft side shields, and a convenient wetness indicator, Huggies Nappies offer the peace of mind and comfort essential for a good night’s sleep for both babies and parents.

Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies

Standout features of Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies:

  • Zinc Enriched Layer – Clinically proven to help protect against irritation & maintain healthy skin PH*.
  • Dry Touch Layer – Huggies patented DRYTOUCH® layer quickly absorbs runny poos leaving baby’s skin cleaner and drier.
  • Skin-loving softness – An ultra-soft outer cover to its soft & stretchy waistband, Huggies’ softest nappy ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Breathe Dry Technology – BREATHE DRY® technology allows air to circulate around the baby’s skin and is clinically proven to help prevent rash.
  • Wetness Indicator – The Wetness Indicator changes colour when wet, helping you know when to change the nappy.
  • Overnight leakage protection – Up to 12 hours of leakage protection and silk-soft side shields to help prevent leaks.
  • Wide pocket waistband – Ultra-soft waistband gently moulds to baby’s back to help stop and lock away runny poo.


*Contains zinc as zinc oxide. This claim is based on a clinical study conducted at an independent laboratory, using adult skin as a suitable substitute for baby skin. Results showed significantly less irritation when using liner with Huggies® Zinc Enriched layer vs control.

Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies

We invite Australian residents with babies aged 0-4 months to participate in our trial and review program.

We’re in search of confident writers who can offer in-depth feedback on Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies. Share your personal experiences and capture delightful photos of your little one wearing these nappies, which could be featured on our website.

Furthermore, the chosen reviewers will be asked to provide an Instagram story or video showcasing the correct usage of the nappies, demonstrating the product in action in a nursery environment.

Contribute to informed decision-making for fellow parents by sharing your comprehensive reviews and engaging visuals that emphasize the comfort and effectiveness of Huggies Newborn and Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies.

If you’re an Australian resident with a baby aged between 0 and 4 months, please submit your application below.

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