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Did you know we don’t naturally produce iron? It’s an essential mineral that we all require to function, especially through pregnancy, but it’s also the mineral that we’re most commonly deficient in. In fact, around 25% of the population suffers from iron deficiency anaemia.

Enter Spatone, a liquid iron sourced directly from Snowdonia National Park, able to supplement insufficient diets by adding in naturally occurring iron, while being gentle on the body. We’ve all heard of the side effects of taking iron supplements; upset stomachs and constipation, Spatone has a higher absorption rate, resulting in fewer unpleasant effects.

Standout Features of Spatone Liquid Iron

  • Spatone comes from a single source in Snowdonia
  • The iron in Spatone is highly absorbable
  • Spatone is gentle and may result in less upset stomachs and constipation
  • Spatone is ideal for pregnancy
  • Available in sachets, Spatone is ideal for women on the go

We invite new Australian mums with babies aged 0-12 months to participate in our trial and review program.

Are you seeking a reliable solution to address iron deficiency during your postnatal journey? We are looking for confident writers who can provide comprehensive feedback on Spatone Liquid Iron.

Join us in experiencing the benefits of Spatone, a liquid iron supplement specifically designed to support your iron levels and overall well-being. After a one-month trial, we kindly request you to share your honest and comprehensive review of your experience with Spatone.

As part of the trial, we request you capture captivating visuals showcasing the product and its effect on your daily routine, which will be featured on our website.

Please apply below:

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