Any parents with a baby who has colic, wind or griping pain knows that it can mean long nights, lots of tears and no sleep. That’s when Infacol swoops in and saves the day! I know personally after having two babies who suffer from colic that finding a product that really works can make a world of difference. I had never used Infacol until the last week and I can honestly say it has been a game changer for our 15 week old.

First Look

The packaging for Infacol is clean and easy to read, it also outlines clearly on the box what the product is for. This makes it super easy for parents when they are shopping, especially if they have a screaming baby with them!

The bottle itself is actually bigger than I expected, which is great because I know I won’t need to worry about running out after a few weeks of use.

Infacol Real Mum Review Erin Warren

Ease of Use  

After a quick read of the instructions on the back of the bottle you’re good to go! Unlike some other products where they supply you with an dropper with multiple measurements on it, this dropper is exactly 0.5ml. When you have an infant with colic you want to be able to administer the drops with ease and quickly and Infacol has your back! Simply shake the bottle, fill the bulb by squeezing it twice and wipe any excess into the bottle. Easy!

Infacol Real Mum Review Erin Warren

Useful Features

Most importantly for me, Infacol can be used from birth on babies who are breastfed or bottle fed. If you’re breastfeeding simply administer the liquid before the feed and if you’re using a bottle the liquid can be added to the milk/fomula. Make sure you use Infacol with every feed to ensure the product builds up in your baby’s system.

A lot of baby products say that they have a ‘pleasant’ flavour and if you’re anything like me you’ve tested these ‘pleasant’ flavours and realised they are quiet the opposite. You can take my word for it, or try it yourself like I did, but when Infacol say the liquid has a ‘pleasant orange flavour’ its true! Oh, its also sugar free, colourant free and alcohol free.

The drops contain Simethicone, which is a de-foaming agent that goes to work on your little one’s gut instead of being absorbed into their bloodstream.

Infacol Real Mum Review Erin Warren


I used this product for a week before writing this review to ensure there was enough of the product built up in my little one’s system. Around day 3 or 4 she wasn’t crying as much after her afternoon and night feeds, in fact she was a lot more settled.

Infacol Real Mum Review Erin Warren


This product should be on every new parent’s shopping list! I did find the product comes out of the dropper fast, so if you’re administering it directly into your baby’s mouth you may end up with some on their face. I recommend keeping a bib or cloth/wipe close by.

I would definitely recommend Infacol to all parents and I’ll ensuring I add it to any baby shower gifts!