As a mother of a 12 month old little girl, I have tried my fair share of baby skincare products. The ones we keep coming back to are GAIA Natural Baby products – which we love! My little girl’s skin is prone to dryness and many washes tend to leave her skin worse off, removing all of her natural oils and before the days out, her skin is dry again.

First Look

As we already use the GAIA skincare range, I was excited to give the GAIA Newborn Foaming Wash & Shampoo a go! My little one is not a newborn anymore, but her skin is prone to dryness and has had persistent cradle cap since birth. I was glad to see that this 2 in 1 foaming wash & shampoo was dermatologically tested and suitable for cradle cap.

GAIA Foaming Wash Dee

At first look, I was glad to see that it contained natural and organic ingredients, is free from soap, parabens, artificial fragrance and all those other nasties and of course tear-free.

GAIA Foaming Wash Product Review



Since trying to get my daughter to tilt her head back or understand to keep her eyes closed, is a mission impossible and usually ends in tears. The GAIA Natural Baby Newborn Foaming wash comes in a handy pump style bottle, making it so simple and easy to use one handed. It gives you a nice amount of foam which does not run into bub’s eyes and stays put until you massage it in.

GAIA Natural Baby Foaming Wash & Shampoo

I’ve already started to see the difference after using the Foaming Wash for only a short time. Amara’s skin remains soft throughout the day and when we team it up with GAIA’s Baby Moisturiser, particularly on non-shower days, you can actually see the improvement. Her knees and elbows aren’t dry and her skin just feels so soft and silky to touch.

GAIA Foaming Wash Product Review


One of the bonuses I found with this wash is, that I can use it in her hair as well and whilst I know there are other products that you can do this with also, I found this 2 in 1 Foaming Shampoo & Wash to be great!

The easy pump bottle and foam itself makes it so simple to distribute through the hair and you can be a little more gentle when rubbing it in as it’s already lovely and foamy.

We use it in conjunction with the GAIA Cradle Cap Lotion and it really just helps to remove those extra flakey bits that are left behind afterward and leaves her hair silky and nice.

GAIA foaming wash


I would recommend the GAIA Natural Baby Newborn Foaming wash to everyone! It’s super gentle on my baby’s skin, it’s made from 99% natural origin ingredients, it has all the good stuff in it like organic aloe vera, chamomile and lavender and its vegan friendly and Australian Made! Win Win!