When I was asked to trial a2 Platinum® Premium Toddler Milk Drink, I was keen to give it a try with my now three year old son Hudson. He was a breastfed baby up until he was weaned on to cows milk in which, he has not taken to very well. I have always wanted to make sure that he is getting the essential nutrients he needs for a growing boy, so was happy to give it a go.

First Look

My first impression of a2 Platinum® Premium Toddler Milk Drink was how easy it was to use, with simple steps on the side of the tin to follow. It takes only moments to prepare, a measuring scoop is provided in the tin, all you need to do is add water, stir or shake and the milk is ready in no time for my little one to enjoy!

My son is able to drink immediately after the product is prepared, with no waiting involved. It’s nice to have something on hand that is ready for hungry tummies in no time.

The size of the tin is compact and easily stored away. The powder mixes easily in warm water also, which is a nice alternative to cold milk out of the fridge.


My little one really enjoyed the taste of this formula. With the benefit of added vitamins and minerals, I feel happy to continue using this for him.

I like that the a2 Platinum® Premium Toddler Milk Drink has added calcium and vitamin D to help support his growing bones and teeth. I know he is getting the added minerals, and vitamins, vitamins A, C, D & folate to help support his little immune system and iron, zinc and iodine to support cognitive function.


I would definitely recommend a2 Platinum® Premium Toddler Milk Drink to others. Knowing that this product is New Zealand-made, has added vitamins and minerals, and compliments his dietary requirements. I would highly recommend this to others seeking an alternative to regular milk.

Its ease of use, convenience, and knowing all the added health benefits of using this product makes me confident in purchasing this again and continuing to use this to support my little one’s growing body. This is such a simple thing to do, to give me a peace of mind.