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We are looking for Australian parents to trial and review the MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash!

Join our team of mummy reviewers and our partners, MooGoo will send you this awesome product to trial with your little ones. All you have to do is a write a review and take some great pics of it in use!

MooGoo, a brand most parents have either seen or used, have bath time covered with their natural 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash. This natural bath wash combines a small (but mighty) amount of 5 different cleaners such as coconut and glucose-based cleansers plus rice bran oil to condition, replenish and soothe baby’s skin. Not only is it fragrance-free for the most sensitive of babies skin, but these natural cleansers create fun bubbles too! However, due to the natural ingredients in the wash, the bubbles won’t last as long as the synthetic bubble bath products. Never fear! To keep the fun time rolling, simply add more water to the MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash to rebuild and create more bubbles!

Parents will love that MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash can not only be used as a bubble bath but directly on babies skin as a wash, or a natural shampoo – saving on the hip pocket and the planet from having multiple products on the go.

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Join our team of testers today to receive great products to trial and keep. We are looking for 5 Australian parents to review MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash. 

If you are a confident writer who can write a comprehensive review including taking amazing pics and or video of you using MooGoo 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash with your little one, simply fill in your details below and you’ll be notified via email if you’ve been lucky enough to be selected.

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