Baby Vision – How Well Does Your Newborn Baby See

If you just had a baby or know someone that has had a baby recently, you may be wondering what the newborn can see. This article is a summary of how well the average baby sees things.

When a baby is born, their eyes are like and unfocused camera, and is very blurry. Most babies start out with 20/400 vision. It is amazing how quickly they start to adjust, after being in a dark place for 9 months. For years, mother’s have been told that newborns only see in black and white when they are born, but we now know that this is not the case. Newborns can see colour right away if the colours are bright.

When the baby is about 7 days old, most are able to focus on things that are eight to twelve inches away from their face, such as when the mother is feeding the baby. By the time your baby is four to six weeks of age, they should be able to look into your eyes, and often start trying to copy your facial expressions.

When your newborn reaches approximately 3 months of age, their vision is somewhere close to 20/40, which is better than that of some adults. At this point the best things for them to look at are bright and bold coloured things. You also better have the mobile up in the crib, because your baby can actually focus on it, and start to follow its path.

At about 4 months old your newborn should be able to easily see lighter colours such as pastels. Your baby will start staring at her hands, and try to grab things. Keep in mind that not all babies are alike, and these stages can occur earlier or later in their life, without cause for concern. By the time your baby reaches about 6 months of age, their vision should be 20/20, and may be able to look across the room.

Your babies eyesight should develop nicely on its own, but it is always a good idea to stimulate your babies eyes by changing their scenery from time to time. Talking to your baby at close range, and taking walks with your baby are two great ways to stimulate their vision.

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