Sarah Keyte

Sarah Keyte, Founder of Fully Nourished

Sarah is a passionate health and wellness coach, personal trainer, whole-food recipe developer and a first-time mum.

Sarah’s passion for health and wellness began at a young age where she was always active and involved in sports. In her 20’s she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and learnt the importance of balancing hormones and using food as medicine.

It’s these experiences that had led Sarah’s passion for educating women on the benefits of living a healthy and balanced life through nourishment in every essence of health. Addressing all aspects of wellness through nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management, relationships, healthy sleep habits and recently, pregnancy.

When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, Sarah’s experience has reinforced her beliefs in the wellness space following her holistic approach through her pregnancy and birth, to her postpartum period and now her parenting journey.

Sarah is the founder of Fully Nourished where she offers her clients one on one holistic health coaching and personal training services. Her website is full of deliciously wholesome recipes and she shares stories of her incredible wellness journey.

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