Rachel Tomlinson

Rachel Tomlinson, Psychologist & Parenting Expert

Rachel is a Registered Psychologist, mother, parenting expert and author of two internationally published books, “Teaching Kids to be Kind” (Skyhorse) a parenting book focusing on how to encourage kindness and compassion in children and “A Blue Kind of Day” (Penguin) a picture book about the sensory experiences of depression in children.

She has worked in a variety of fields with children (birth to 18) and families, including; play therapy, education settings, children’s residential programs, women’s refuge’s, torture and trauma counselling, general counselling and family support programs. She has also presented at national and international conferences on a wide range of topics, including; play therapy, trauma, and work life balance as well as delivered guest lectures on domestic violence.

Rachel also serves as a sought after expert for print and broadcast media on topics such as parenting, child development and relationships. And is a frequent guest on popular podcasts, including Justin Coulson’s Happy Families, Mamamia and more.

Find out more about Rachel on her website www.towardwellbeing.com

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