Lisa Almond

Lisa Almond, Paramedic & Journalist

Lisa combines two loves in her life, healthcare and parenting, and works both as a paramedic and a parenting and lifestyle journalist. With over a decade in emergency services and 15 years’ experience in media roles, Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and skills that she shares with others through her work.

In addition to her professional life, Lisa is a proud Mum of three wild and wonderful boys, whom she co-parents after navigating the emotional ups and downs of her separations. Her firsthand experience with the challenges of parenting post separation has made her a knowledgeable advocate for families who are going through similar experiences.

In everything she does, Lisa is committed to helping others navigate through the tears and triumphs of life and parenthood. Through her work as a paramedic, journalist and co-parent advocate Lisa inspires others to find the strength and resilience they need to get through whatever life throws at them.

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