Lauren Keegan

Lauren Keegan, Perinatal Psychologist

Lauren Keegan is a perinatal psychologist, writer, and mum to two young girls. She has extensive experience working in perinatal and infant mental health, providing therapy and support to women during pregnancy, after birth and in the first 1-2 years of early parenthood. In her clinical practice, she supports women’s emotional well-being and mental health as well as the mother-infant bond.

Her approach is based on attachment theory and is trauma-informed. Lauren is a certified Circle of Security Facilitator and an accredited Marte Meo Therapist and Trainer. Through the Marte Meo method, she teaches practical strategies for parents to strengthen their relationship with their child and support child development by making the most of everyday interactions.

To learn more about Lauren’s clinical practice, read her articles on perinatal and infant mental health and be notified of upcoming workshops and training for parents and practitioners visit:

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