Kirsty McLean

Kirsty McLean, Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

Kirsty is a self-professed healthy foodie, fitness lover, sun seeker and true believer in the fact that everyone deserves to be 100% happy in their life – it’s just too short!

Kirsty always had a passion for health and wellness, even though it took a few bumps in the road to get her to where she is now. The turning point for Kirsty was her father’s diagnosis with oesophagus cancer. In her attempt to deal with the shock, she immersed herself in health books and blogs, desperate to learn everything she could about the healing power of food and how a holistic lifestyle full of sleep, spirituality, relaxation and positivity could heal the body, and sometimes even fight off cancer.

At the same time, Kirsty was living in a world where she put herself under enormous amounts of pressure.  Let’s just say that she was consumed with the Yang but was skipping the Ying, forgetting about herself and what made her truly happy. Fast track to a few years later and Kirsty was finding herself less and less fulfilled with her fast paced life in the corporate marking lane, packed with back to back meetings she was the walking definition of burning the candle at both ends. Then finally one day she had her ‘Holy Oprah Ah Ha!’ moment,  knowing deep down that she needed to fulfil her passion for health and wellness.

Now a Certified Health Coach, Kirsty studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. But of course, health and physical movement play hand in hand so in order to become a practitioner that supports clients, not just with their health goals, but also with their fitness Kirsty is also a qualified PT and fitness trainer.

Kirsty is owner and creator of Body Clarity – Health + Wellness + Fitness. Kirsty offers her clients one on one holistic health coaching and personal training services. And her site is full of yummy clean eating recipes, interviews with healthy like-minded people and blogs which tackle those tricky healthy questions.

Kirsty is passionate about sharing her nourishing ideas with those she comes in contact with and she aims to inspire people to live a more healthy and rewarding life.

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