Dr Natalie Elphinstone

Dr Natalie Elphinstone, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Natalie is a country girl at heart, but now lives, works, and raises her family of 4 children in Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. She practices both publicly and privately and has been witness to over 1500 births. She is perhaps most widely known for her work on Maternal or Partner Assisted Caesareans, and her videos of these on Instagram (@drnatalieelphinstone) have gone viral, prompting collaboration with healthcare workers all around the world, and inspiring no less than at least 5 countries to follow her lead so far.

However, she is also a keen advocate for an undisturbed birth, trusting in the age-old wisdom of midwives and birth workers, and the birthing person themselves. Ultimately her goal is to help support women and families to make informed and individual decisions around birth that feel right for them. And for every single birth to be the best possible version it can be.

Natalie plays an active role in teaching and mentoring the next generation of medical students, specialist trainees and obstetric GP’s. She has taught at both local and international conferences, and holds a position on the Editorial Advisory Board for “The Practicing Midwife Australia” journal.


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