Dr Joann Lukins

Dr Joann Lukins, Registered Psychologist

Dr Joann Lukins is a Registered Psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society.  Joann’s background is working within the field of positive psychology.  Positive psychology considers ‘what is right’ in the world and focuses on many of the wishes we might hold for a newborn baby: love, hope, happiness, resilience, kindness and gratitude.  Positive psychology offers people the opportunity to grow and thrive and offers much to parents of newborns, aiming to steer through what can at times be uncertain waters.  Joann has worked as a psychologist for 25 years and she enjoys working in her clinical practice, various media roles, and her position as an Associate Professor at James Cook University.

Joann lives in Townsville with her husband, two fabulous sons (aged 8 and 12 years) and two rather cheeky chickens.

When not at work, Joann enjoys swimming, photography and supporting her family through their multitude of activities!

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