Andrea Hunt

Andrea Hunt, Sleep, Settling & Early Parenting Consultant


Diploma in Early Childhood. Post Grad Cert in Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Specialising in Infant, baby, and child sleep support, Andrea focuses on how to turn tears into laughter. She aims to support families to understand infant cues, boosting confidence with feeding, play and development, and strengthening attachment. Andrea also specialises in running early parenting classes, and positive parenting sessions for toddlers and children on behaviour, sleep, toileting.

Hi, I’m Andrea, a proud mother of 3 beautiful girls and a furry friend. As a mum, I understand the challenges of dealing with a baby who just won’t sleep and the impact this can have on your mental health. With 20 years of experience supporting families through Enhanced Parent Support Services, I recently launched my own service, Sleephunter.

I work with families from late pregnancy to the preschool years, providing expert support on sleep, settling, normal infant behaviour, feeding, toilet training, play, and development. I also lead early parenting classes and workshops on toddler sleep and behaviour.

Andrea Hunt is a practitioner at Maternal and Infant Wellbeing Melbourne.

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