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Are you an Australian parent with a precious bundle of joy aged 0-12 months? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Newbornbaby is looking for three reviewers to put three fantastic BIBS Try-it Colour Soother to the test. Your valuable insights and experiences will help other parents make informed decisions about these products.Whether you call them pacifiers, dummies, or soothers, we know they’re a lifesaver for new parents.

Review BIBS Try-it Colour Soother Range and Discover the Perfect Pacifier for Your Baby

Introducing the BIBS Try-it Colour Soother Range

Now, BIBS takes it a step further with the Try-it Colour Soother Range, offering three distinct nipple shapes to meet your baby’s unique preferences:

  • Round Nipple: Resembling the soft shape and size of a mother’s nipple, it promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique as breastfeeding.
  • Symmetrical Nipple: Ideal for babies who prefer a flat, symmetrical shape, this nipple reduces the need for strong suction, making it easier for your baby to use.
  • Anatomical Nipple: Curved at the top for a natural fit and featuring an angled tip for easy tongue placement, this nipple mimics breastfeeding closely.

BIBS is a trusted pacifier brand loved by many Australian mums. With pacifiers crafted in Denmark from top-notch materials, they’re completely free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby. With over 200 different styles, BIBS has a pacifier to suit every baby’s taste, available in a stunning array of colours.


BIBS Soother Review


Why Should You Participate in This Review Opportunity?

By participating in this review, you’ll help other parents find the perfect pacifier for their baby’s needs. Share your experiences and insights to guide them in making the right choice.

BIBS Soother Review

We invite Australian residents with babies aged 0-12 months to participate in our trial and review program.

We’re seeking confident writers to provide detailed feedback on BIBS Try-it Colour Range. Share your personal experiences and capture delightful photos of your lttle one using these bottles, which may be featured on our website.

Help fellow parents make informed choices by sharing comprehensive reviews and engaging visuals that highlight the comfort and effectiveness of the BIBS Try-it Colour range.

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