Your baby has just been born, and it?s time to look for a baby name and unlike many of your friends, you prefer to choose from the many unique baby names. You don?t want your baby to be the tenth Mia or Jack in their class. You are a special individual, and you want your baby to be unique. For this reason, you want to choose a name that is a bit special and is different from the rest.

So where do you decide to look? There are many sources of unusual baby names, and some of them have their own distinctive meaning and sound. You may have many reasons for choosing a name for your baby. Let?s discuss what these reasons are and where you could find lists of uncommon baby names.

Popular Baby Names

There are trends in babies? names, just as there are fashions in clothing, music, and almost everything else. According to the lists of the most popular names, Mia and Chloe are the leaders of girls? names in Australia, while Jack and Lachlan are the winners for boys. These names are hardly unusual or exotic. In fact, most popular names are fairly conventional. Many people, like their ancestors, still choose Biblical baby names, such as Jacob (a clear winner in the United States) or Sarah.

However, not everyone is in favour of Biblical or conventional names, and there are growing fashions in unconventional or uncommon baby names. Some of these names, like Abbot or Brooklyn for a boy, or Adira or Adeline for a girl, have actually started to catch on. Some, such as Agnes or Alaric, are medieval names that have simply fallen into disuse. Although the idea of using unusual baby names is surely to be a little bit different, it shows that the concepts of trend and fashion creep into everything!

In fact, you can even download a baby names list from the Internet to help you decide which names inspire you the most.

For one such list, click here.

Baby Names and Meanings

Many people are not only inspired by the sound of the name, but also by its significance. For this reason, it may be a good idea to get hold of a comprehensive baby names book, which will not only provide you with all the most distinctive and interesting-sounding names that you can find, but will also give you their meanings.

For instance, Caden, a name that is starting to grow in popularity, is a Welsh name meaning “spirit of battle.” That might appeal to you if you are thinking of your little son growing into a mighty warrior or future soldier. On the other hand, if you want something a little more subdued, you may go with Evan, which means either young, or refers to divine favour.

You may like the sound of the name Xavier, but the meaning, “owner of a new house,” may be a little lost on you. Or the Danish name Lothen might appeal to you – until you look at its meaning, “One who has much hair,” which may not apply to your bald baby boy.

Modern Baby Names Don?t Need to Be Western

When choosing a name for your baby, if you live in the western hemisphere you do not need to confine your choice to western-sounding names. If the origin of your family is Indian, for example, you may wish to keep your family traditions and choose from a list of unique Hindu baby names. In fact, you don?t need to limit your choice to Hindu names. There are lists of Punjabi, Assamese, Gujarati, and other types of Indian names.

And even if you are not Indian at all, if you like names such as Ashok, Surya, Gajra, or Sadiqua, there is far less prejudice today against ethnic names, and you can choose them if you wish.

The same applies to Hebrew, Spanish, or Celtic names. People in general have become far more open to ethnic names, and in many cases they are becoming more fashionable. For example, Adina, which is a Hebrew girls? name, used to only be used by Jewish families. Today, in America, however, Adina is catching on among the general population.

Other Interests

Another reason for going with unusual baby names is because they remind you of a character in a book that you really enjoyed, or it is the name of a film star that you like. If you are a lover of classic cinema, for example, you may call your son Errol after Errol Flynn, or your daughter Deanna after Deanna Durbin.

Whatever the reason for your choice, if you are looking for unique baby names, the sky?s the limit. Your choices are even broader if they are not limited by convention or fashion.

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