You?ve just given birth to a baby girl, and now it?s time to think of a few nice girls names for her. Of course, you may have known for a while that you were going to have a girl and have already chosen a name for her. But on the other hand, you might have spent the past few months trying not to think about it because you are so spoilt for choice. And then again, maybe you had no idea that this baby was going to be a little girl, and now you have to start thinking what to call her. Whatever the reason, it?s time to make a decision.

Popular Names for Girls

One way to do it is to look up which names are the most fashionable and popular. According to one Internet list, the three top names in Australia were (in descending order), Mia, Chloe, and Isabella. As with anything else, fashion can have a huge influence on your decision. Calling your baby by a popular girl?s name may appeal to you because she will not feel too different from anyone else, and it might be cute to have three or four Mias in the same class.

But what if you don?t like the most fashionable names? Or what if you specifically want your baby to grow up feeling more individual?

Unusual Babies Names

Unusual names don?t necessarily have to sound weird or awful. Many names have fallen into disuse due to fashions and trends. For example, in the 1930s, many baby girls were called “Deanna,” after actress Deanna Durbin, or “Shirley” after child star Shirley Temple. Yet today, these names are not used half as much. Indeed, many would consider Deanna to be quite an unusual name. Sometimes it can be nice to call your baby girl a distinctive but beautiful name, such as “Luna,” which means vthe moon,” or “Bianca,” meaning “white.” People don?t laugh at such names, but will stop you and ask what they mean.

This extends to the use of ethnic names. In bygone years, many families from ethnic minorities would avoid foreign-sounding child names because they were worried that people would laugh at them or constantly mispronounce them. But today, many non-westerners, such as families of Indian, Asian, or Chinese origin, are not so shy to use ethnic or religious names, even if they live in America, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

For this reason, more people are using more unique baby names, such as Irish names like Caitlin or Keira, which are very popular these days. There has been a general slight moving away from more conventional western appellations, such as Elizabeth or Ann.

Keep it in the Family

Another way to name your baby is to call her after a departed relative to keep up a family tradition. If your grandmother?s name, for example, was Eva, you might want to name your daughter after her as you have fond memories and there will be another Eva in the family. It would also make the rest of your relatives happy and strengthen family bonds.

But what if you don?t like the name Eva? Then you could choose another similar-sounding name, such as Ava or Eve. This way, you could keep everyone in the family happy and not hurt anyones feelings by “rejecting” Grandma?s name. Or you could look up the name?s meaning and find another one that is similar, even if a little unusual, such as Kaija, which has the same meaning as ?Eva,? ? ?life? ? but is barely used and very distinctive. In a way, that would honour Grandma even more as you introduced the name only out of respect for her memory.

Whatever you decide, you will be guaranteed to find something, because there is no shortage of girls? names for babies, and one of them will be just right for yours!

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