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From the age of one, toddlers begin to move towards a diet that is similar to that of their parent’s, meaning they are introducing new flavours and textures.

To ensure your toddler continues to receive key nutrients that may be missed while they are trying different solid foods you can introduce a toddler specific milk drink from one year old. A milk drink such as a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink is made from cows that have been specially selected to naturally produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein type.

a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink is based on a unique and premium whey and casein protein blend formulated for tiny tummies . One serving of a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink will provide your toddler with 22-50% of their recommended daily intake (RDI) of 16 essential vitamins and minerals.

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Standout features of the NEW a2 Platinum Premium Toddler Milk Drink:

  • Made with same trusted a2 Milk®
  • 69% increase in DHA content
  • Vitamin A, C, D and folate – helps support a healthy immune systems
  • Iron, zinc and iodine – for cognitive function
  • Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins B6, B12 and E – helps support normal growth and development.
  • Calcium and vitamin D – helps support healthy bones and teeth
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 35 servings per container
  • Suitable from one year of age

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a2 Platinum® Premium Toddler Milk Drink Stage 3 – From 1 Year RRP $38

If you are an Australian resident and have a toddler aged between 1-3years please apply below.

We are looking for confident writers who can write a comprehensive detailed review including taking amazing pics of you using a2 Platinum®Premium Toddler Milk Drink with your toddler to publish on NBB’s website and socials.

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