Baby Formula

Formula Preparation Guide

Have you been told that a breast fed baby will sleep better if offered formula at night? Or have you been told that adding cereal to the bottle of a formula fed baby, will help them sleep for longer? A number of detailed...

Switching Formula – From one Brand to Another

Sometimes there is a need to switch infant or follow on formula brands, and this can be cause for anxiety in some parents. Before you make this decision, it is important to speak with your doctor or MCH Nurse so they can...

Overfeeding a Bottle fed Baby

What is overfeeding? Overfeeding a bottle fed baby is when your baby receives more food than needed for his/her growth and development. It’s more common in bottle fed babies because it can take less effort for an infant to...

Formula Preparation Guide

Finding comprehensive information and tips for preparing infant formula isn’t easy, and while it isn’t a difficult process, it is important to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Like most things, it’s easy when you...

Baby Formula Feeding Guide by Age

When it comes to feeding your newborn, most experts agree that feeding on demand – whether breast or bottle feeding - is preferable. That means feeding your baby when he or she shows signs of hunger, and continuing to...

How to Choose the Right Baby Formula

As a result of well-meaning attempts to encourage breastfeeding, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start when you decide to introduce formula to your baby. Take a walk down the baby isle of any chemist or...


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