Baby Activities

Why is Tummy Time Important?

Why is Tummy Time important to your baby? The reason we recommend tummy time more these days is because we need to find ways to encourage back, neck and upper body strength in babies, because they spend their sleeping hours...

Baby Games – Vital Role In Your Baby’s Development

Most first-time parents are pre-occupied reading articles about raising children. They are reading about what are the safe things to use, how to make their baby healthy, and how to make their babies smarter. It is a normal...

Baby Swimming And Parents

Taking a baby swimming may make parents wonder how safe it is for their baby. With enough preparation and a first-time to try, it can prove to be fun and  a bonding moment for both the parent and the baby. Your baby will...

Toys For Newborn Babies

Babies enter the world with a natural curiosity of their surroundings. They love to study faces and are intrigued by lights and sounds. Surrounding your infant with safe toys that stimulate her mind will provide a strong...

Should Babies and Toddlers watch Television?

So much television programming is aimed at young children. Much of it appears to be educational: teaching the ABC's and life skills. When is it appropriate to introduce a baby to television, and what do parents need to know...

Activities for Baby Boys and Girls

Playing is an extremely important part of any newborn baby development and choosing the correct baby activities to start at a given age will not only make the bond with your child stronger, but will dramatically improve the...


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