Symptoms & Conditions

Itching of the Skin During Pregnancy

Itching of the skin during pregnancy is more of a frustration and annoyance, rather than anything else, most of the time. Itching can be caused by stretching of the skin, hormonal shifts and increased drying of the skin. They...

Restless Legs Syndrome

There are those pregnancy symptoms most of us have endured, like morning sickness, cravings, fatigue and lower back pain. Then there are those most of us have heard about, but many are lucky enough to escape, such as...

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be very confusing for most women as they try to find out whether they are really pregnant. Early signs of pregnancy are very important during conception to understand how likely they are to mean that you are...

Common Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

When you’re trying to get pregnant, excitement and anxiety levels can skyrocket, particularly at the end of each cycle, as you wait to find out if you have conceived. On the other hand, a baby might have been the furthest...

Morning Sickness

No one is quite certain what morning sickness causes are. Several factors are put forward as theory to explain the vomit sensation that makes you throw up all the contents of your stomach. Some pregnancy symptoms may be...

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