WIN 1 of 25 Prize Packs – GAIA Natural Baby Bubble Bath Competition

GAIA Natural Baby is well known and deeply loved by parents across Australia for being affordable while also being gentle on little one’s skin. If there’s one thing that all babies and toddlers love – that’s bubbles, but bubble bath is not all created equal. Most bubble bath products are formulated with SLS which is the same ingredient in dishwashing detergent. SLS can strip the skin of its natural and protective oils while disrupting it’s pH levels, resulting in dry skin.

Many children who suffer from eczema or sensitive skin often miss out on bubble baths due to the formulation and irritants found in the ingredients, well – not any more!

GAIA Natural Baby has produced two amazing bubble bath products, Sleeptime and Funtime Bubble Bath.

GAIA’s new bubble bath obtains its bubbliness from plant-derived surfactants (rather than SLS) so it’s natural and gentle on skin while providing a high level of bubbly fun!

GAIA Natural Baby is giving away 25 prize packs for lucky NBB mums ❤️

We have 5 x $100 GAIA Skincare Packs to giveaway, containing:

  • GAIA Bubble Bath Sleeptime (x2)
  • GAIA Bubble Bath Funtime (x2)
  • GAIA Hair & Body Wash (500mL)
  • GAIA Starter Kit
  • GAIA Soothing cream
  • GAIA Moisturiser
  • GAIA Cotton Pads

+ 20 x Runner Up Prizes (Bubble Bath x 2 + Starter kit) to be won worth $36 each!

To be in the draw to win one of these great prizes, submit the form below and let us know when you have done that by commenting on this Facebook Post.

While you’re there, get bonus entries by uploading a photo or video of your bub enjoying their bathtime routine, and any GAIA products you have available, on the same Facebook Post.

Here’s an example of the photos/video we are after:

*Competition Terms & Conditions




Our fabulous GAIA natural baby competition has now finished. We have 25 prize packs up for grabs for lucky NBB mums 💕

The following five mums have each won 1 x $100 GAIA skincare pack containing:

  • 2 x GAIA Bubble Bath Sleeptime
  • 2 x GAIA Bubble Bath Funtime
  • 1 x GAIA Hair & Body Wash (500mL)
  • 1 x GAIA Starter Kit
  • 1 x GAIA Soothing cream
  • 1 x GAIA Moisturiser
  • 1 x GAIA Cotton Pads

And the winners are…

  • 🎉 Ashleigh Nunez
  • 🎉 Christina Dimartino
  • 🎉 Hope Mansour
  • 🎉 Rachel Dunbar
  • 🎉 Sarah Zoumaras

We also have 20 runner-up prize packs containing GAIA Bubble Bath (x 2) + 1 x GAIA Starter Kit for the following winners…

  • 🎉 Alyise Roberge
  • 🎉 Amber Charlton
  • 🎉 Cheyee Bakr
  • 🎉 Chrisy Jansz
  • 🎉 Deb Green
  • 🎉 Jo Jo
  • 🎉 Kate Winton
  • 🎉 Kristy Powell
  • 🎉 Lacey Smith
  • 🎉 Melanie Borg
  • 🎉 Melissa Miller
  • 🎉 Mikaela Manning
  • 🎉 Reannon Sorbie
  • 🎉 Rebekah Jones
  • 🎉 Ruth Elisabeth Radford
  • 🎉 Sarah Jones
  • 🎉 Sherly Maubere
  • 🎉 Steffanie Gowland
  • 🎉 Tiffany Henderson
  • 🎉 Wendy Russell

The winners will be notified privately. Stay tuned for more NBB competitions coming soon! 💕

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