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A quick guide to COVID-19 vaccines in Australia

Australia’s coronavirus vaccinations program is set to kick off next month. Here we provide a quick guide to what everyone can expect.  When will the vaccine be administered?  The vaccine...

18 Jan 2021

Measles Outbreak in New Zealand Prompts Travel Warning

New Zealand is currently facing a measles epidemic - the worst they’ve seen for 22 years. So far this year, 849 cases have been reported, with almost a third appearing within the past two, ...

30 Aug 2019

Another Study Debunks myths linking Vaccines to Autism

Despite a major new study debunking the myth that lifesaving childhood vaccines are linked to autism, the conspiracy continues to linger thanks to the growing cohort of anti-vaxxers.  ...

06 Mar 2019

Parents who Object to Vaccinations may lose benefits!

Parents who “conscientiously object” to vaccinating their children may lose their ability to claim benefits

11 Apr 2015

Parents urged to vaccinate after death of infant

Parents urged to vaccinate for Whooping Cough following the tragic passing of little Riley Hughes

19 Mar 2015

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