Deciding which baby monitor to buy can be quite a quandary. You want something that will fulfil the basic requirements of being able to hear your baby from a different part of the house, but with modern technology being what it is, you’ll also want to choose something that offers modern features, that set it apart from other standard monitors. No matter what you are looking for, Oricom will have something in their range that satisfies your needs.

Breathing Monitor

The Oricom Babysense2 is a sleek, modern baby monitor with intelligence that monitors your baby’s breathing movement rates. Through a control unit that connects to sensor pads, which are placed under your baby’s mattress, your baby’s breathing movement is monitored to detect either a slowed breathing rate or if breathing stops. If you’re baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.

Oricom babysense2-new-v1

As well as this very modern technology, it also includes a digital audio monitor so when your baby cries for a feed, the audio monitor will alert you. You can rest assured that when your baby is hungry or if their breathing slows and they need you, the Oricom Babysense2 will let you know.

Video Monitors

If you’re needing that little bit extra reassurance, and you’re seeking more of a visual on your baby, Oricom’s Secure870 leads the way on video baby monitoring.

Oricom’s Secure870 comes with a motorised pan-tilt camera and a 3.5” touchscreen, you’ll be able to view your baby from wherever you are in the house, which means you can enjoy your baby-free downtime in the evening without moving from your living room.


The multi-function Oricom Secure870 offers:

  • parent talkback,
  • room temperature monitor,
  • baby-friendly night vision
  • adjustable night light and light show
  • Split screen view so you can add up to 4 camera units.
  • 19 different baby lullabies, white noise and nature and womb sounds to help the transition from wake time to sleep time.

You can find out more about the Secure870 here.

Also available in the video monitoring range is:

Multi-camera capable: Oricom’s SC720 Premium Digital Video Baby Monitoring system allows you to watch over your baby from anywhere in your home, during the day or night.

Oricom SC720

Unlike others, the system is multi-camera capable, so you can connect up to four cameras, allowing you to check on bub from multiple locations, or keep an eye on more than one child at the same time.

The Oricom SC720 features a wall mountable infrared camera which gives you a clear picture of bub, even in the dark. The parent unit features a 2.4” colour display, so you rest assured you know exactly what baby is up to.

Secure850 Digital Video Baby Monitor

It offers a large 4.3″ digital video screen, which allows you get things done while your baby sleeps, safe in the knowledge you can check on your baby at any time.

Oricom sc850-group

The camera’s movement is fully motorised and controlled through the parent unit. It also features a room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability, night light and up to five lullabies. The parent unit also includes rechargeable batteries, as well as parent talk back, and digital volume control. You can read more about Secure850 Digital Video Baby Monitor here.

Secure 710 Digital Baby Monitor

Offers a wall mountable camera for the baby’s room, a large 2.4″ Colour LCD display, infrared night vision which will give you a clear picture of your baby even in the dark, and offers room temperature monitoring and display. The monitor is multi-camera capable so you can connect up to four cameras (sold separately). For families with twins or more, this is the perfect way to view all your children at one time.


It also offers a soothing night light, baby lullabies to assist transition from wakefulness to sleep. The added feature of parent talk back means your baby can be soothed by your voice if they stir. The Secure 710 Digital Baby Monitor is completely portable so you can take it with you and view your children no matter where you are in the house. Visit the Oricom website for more information.