Snuffly noses, coughs and colds are generally not serious but they can be disruptive, especially at night. I’ve found that one of the most gentle ways to ease the symptoms of coughs, colds, bronchitis and croup is the use of steam therapy.

Other products on the market that are sometimes confused with Warm Steam Vaporisers are Cool Mist Humidifiers and Diffusers. These are different to a Warm Steam Vaporiser in that a Cool Mist Humidifier produces cool humidified air for combating dry air, dry skin conditions and allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, dry throat. Cool humidity doesn’t help congestion quite as much. Diffusers are for use in aromatherapy and they don’t humidify. So as far as steam therapy for coughs and colds go, a vaporiser is what you’re looking for.

The Vicks Vaporizer is a great steam therapy option for use with babies and small children because its steam temperature is 25 percent cooler than other vaporisers on the market, making it a safer option.

Warm Steam therapy works in two ways; firstly it liquefies mucous congestion which makes it easier to expel.  Secondly, the added moisture, warmth and humidity helps to relax the throat muscles, which in turn helps to ease the cough reflex – providing relief from coughing fits.

The Vicks Vaporizer is safe to use from new born age so it is a worthwhile investment as it can be used for years, by the whole family. It is especially useful in the winter months when coughs and colds are more prevalent.

Other great benefits of Vicks Vaporizer include:

  • It can be used on its own, or as a complementary therapy along side chest rubs, saline drops or medications advised by your doctor
  • It can be used with the Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant or without
  • Comes with a 5 year Warranty
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Trusted brand

Safety Features:

  • It is designed with young children in mind; its cooler steam makes it safer to use around little ones
  • Automatic shut off after 12 – 14 hours of operation
  • Comes with a lock-on cap and night light
  • The water is boiled to produce bacteria-free steam
  • Has an in built thermostat which prevents over-heating.

For added safety Vicks recommend that the Vaporiser is not set up on a table or pointed directly at the child. For optimum safety the Vaporiser should be placed on the floor a few meters from the cot/bed and the door to the room left ajar.

RRP: $74.95

Stockists: Big W and all good pharmacies, including Priceline, Chemmart, Terry White & Amcal.

For further information: visit the Vicks website.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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