Tommee Tippee has always been our go-to for bottles, dummies, etc. but when I found out they had a new baby sleepwear range, I couldn’t wait to trial the Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag and I’m so glad I did!

Tommee Tipppee Real Mum Review Jessica

First Look

The Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag is made with bamboo-rich fabric and their signature ALOEKIND lining, a unique cotton blend infused with naturally soothing aloe vera which is kind to sensitive skin. This was a massive yes for me as I suffer from eczema and always worry if my little ones are going to be the same.

Tommee Tipppee Real Mum Review Jessica

I love how the packaging comes with a handy tog rating guide on the back of the pack – it was so easy to work out what to dress my baby in knowing that I wasn’t overheating him with too many layers.

Tommee Tipppee Real Mum Review Jessica

We live in quite a hot climate during the summer and can be quite cold in the winter months, it’s a great feature that they have 3 different TOGS available to suit your climate. This is so easy to work out on their website and you can adjust what the baby is wearing underneath to suit.


We have just transitioned bubs into his own bedroom and I love that the Swaddlebag has press stud buttons for the arms to be transitioned in or out (we did one arm at a time). I felt better knowing he would be safe, comfortable, and warm throughout the night in his swaddlebag.

After the first few nights, my baby Ryan was sleeping longer amounts of time and you could tell the second, he would get in his swaddlebag, he knew it was bedtime.

Tommee Tipppee Real Mum Review Jessica

The second you touch the Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag you can feel how soft and snuggly this bag is! The double zip is so handy for us during nighttime changes too.


There are so many swaddle bags out there but Tommee Tippee must take the cake!

With the number of features, they have defiantly thought of everything. I feel it is quite a reasonable price and something that can be used for a good amount of time to really get your money’s worth.

It also makes a great gift – I can’t wait to buy this for my future baby mummas!

Tommee Tipppee Swaddlebag review


The Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute which allows for safe swaddling. Probably my best thing is the easy way to change baby’s nappy throughout the night – so easy to do even while baby stays asleep!

Tommee Tipppee Real Mum Review Jessica


I would totally recommend the Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag for all parents.

It’s the best thing to help you and your baby get into a great sleeping routine and better sleep for you both. I can’t wait to tell all my mum friends and I know they will thank me later!