My two year old daughter never took a bottle as a baby so when my son was born 4 months ago I was eager to get him going so that my husband could assist with some night feedings and I could also have the occasional child free outing. When I was given the opportunity to review the Tommee Tippee ‘Made for Me’ Double Electric Breast Pump I jumped at the chance

First Look

Inside the box it came with everything you need to get started including bottles & lids for storage,  MassageTec cups made of soft, cushioned silicon as well as a slimline USB charger which means I can charge it literally anywhere including in my car or on my laptop.

The instruction manual was easy to follow and the set up and use of the pump was intuitive and required little instruction in comparison to other pumps I have previously used.

Tommee Tippee Real Mum Review Natalie


For me, apart from being a portable pump the hero of the Tommee Tippee Double Electric pump  was the choice between 5 massage modes to best mimic my baby’s latch and the 9 (yes 9!) expressing modes for comfortably pumping as much milk as possible. Combine that with the soft silicone cups and expressing is no longer a chore but rather a relaxing and comfortable experience.


Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump Mum Review Natalie

As well as being a double pump I am able to switch it over to a single pump with the press of a button and then back again.

It also has an extra hygienic closed system which ensures that there is no back flow into the tube which means every drop of breast milk is collected, every mother knows how precious that liquid gold is!


The LED screen allows me to keep an eye on how long I’ve been pumping and I was able to express a large amount of milk in just over 5 minutes using the double pump and in 10 minutes using the single pump.

Tommee Tippee Real Mum Review Natalie

The machine has a battery life of 90 mins (and it really lasts!) which means no sitting next to a powerpoint with cords in the way, I can discreetly express whenever and wherever I want.


The Tommee Tippee ‘Made for Me’ Double Electric Breast Pump really lives up to what it says it does. It’s small, discreet, quiet and comfortable. My expressing time has been cut in half (big tick) and I can express on the go.

One accessory I would recommend for complete hands free use would be a pumping bra, just so that moving around whilst it’s on is made a bit easier.

I have already recommended this pump to my friends and will continue to do so, it’s a game changer.  


Tommee Tippee Real Mum Review Natalie