Sleep, that elusive, highly sought-after commodity is often hard to come by when you have a baby in the house. One thing we do to try and get more sleep is swaddle our babies, the intention being if we can tame the startle reflex we may be able to get a little bit more sleep. Swaddling can be fraught because more often that not, babies don’t like having their arms jammed down by their sides. In utero babies lie with their arms raised to the side of their head, but it is impossible to wrap a baby in this natural position.

Love To Dream does the next best thing with their ingenious Swaddle Up; it is a swaddle that’s designed to help babies settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep routine. It is a patented, safety accredited, and award winning swaddle, that is helping millions of families around the world get a better night’s sleep.

The Love To Dream Swaddle range covers three key stages of baby development and offers a product designed for each sleep stage. Stage 1 offers the ‘Swaddle Up’ and is designed for newborns through to four months. Stage 2 is for the ‘Transition’ stage and suits babies aged four to six months. Stage 3 is for ‘Independent Sleep’ and is for babies from six months, through to 18 months.

Stage 1 Swaddling offers the ‘Swaddle Up’

A zip up swaddle bag with patented ‘wing tips’ which means the startle reflex is controlled, but the baby can sleep in their natural position with their arms by the side of their head, rather than forced down by the side of their body. It provides natural freedom of movement but still providing some restriction of the startle reflex which so often wakes babies unnecessarily.


Allowing this subtle movement means that babies can safely bring their hands to their face and mouths to self-sooth. When babies are able to self-sooth they can put themselves back to sleep more easily, resulting in less interruptions during the night. The Swaddle Up has a two way zip so makes for easy nappy changes with minimal disturbance. Parents can have their baby wrapped and ready for sleep in 13 seconds with the Swaddle Up.

It has been INPAA approved, certified as hip-healthy by the International Hip-Dysplasia Institute, and promotes safe-sleeping through its patented wing tips, which inhibit a baby from rolling easily on to their stomach.

Stage 2 Transition

This stage is for babies around four months old, who are transitioning out of full wrap to ‘arms free’ sleeping. It is recommended by SIDS that babies move from being swaddled at this time as they can start to roll over independently in their cot. The transition phase is catered to with the Swaddle Up 50/50, which offers zip off wings. Parents can zip off one wing at a time while their baby slowly adjusts to sleeping with their arms free.

Stage 3 Independent Sleep

For when babies have made the full transition from swaddled to arms free and are ready for a sleeping bag. The Love To Dream Nuzzlin sleep bags are made from soft, stretchy muslin fabric, which is designed to completely replace blankets. This ensure a safe sleeping environment.

Love To Dream have sleep covered with a range of swaddles and sleeping bags designed for optimum sleep, no matter how old your baby is.

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