There are so many thoughts that run through a new mum’s mind when she’s placing her newborn to sleep.

Will baby be comfortable? Will she be warm enough? Cool enough? Will he scratch his face? Have I swaddled her too tight? Not tight enough?

Thankfully, there’s an easier option with the Swaddle Grobag.

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Based on the latest medical expertise for safety and optimum effectiveness, the Swaddle Grobag helps provide newborn babies with a comfortable and content night’s sleep.

Swaddling has well recognised benefits including soothing and calming baby, helping to get them to sleep and stay asleep and reducing startle reflex.

While around 80% of parents swaddle their newborn baby, it’s crucial that it’s done safely to avoid associated risks of hip dysplasia and overheating.

The Swaddle Grobag provides parents with an easy-to-use, safer alternative to swaddling or loose bedding.

Newborn Baby Sleep Expectations

The double lined chest ensures that bub is swaddled taught around the chest and the patented curved seams allow for unrestricted leg movement, thus allowing healthy hip development.

It also allows for easy arm transition.

With arms in, you can swaddle safely and easily with no wrapping needed, leaving baby snug to reduce the startle reflex.

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With the option to have one or two arms out, the Swaddle Grobag makes for the perfect transition to a regular Grobag.

The Swaddle Grobag is available in two fabric weights – light (rooms 21-25°C) and cosy (rooms 16-20°C) –  to ensure that baby is dressed appropriately for any weather .

Available Colours: Rainbow Spot, Marl Grey and Pure White.Grey Marl_Swaddle Grobag

The Swaddle Grobag is suitable for:

  • newborns up to 3 months
  • Soothing and calming
  • Reducing startle reflex
  • Help baby get to sleep and stay asleep
  • Easy night changes

RRP: $44.95

Swaddle Gro Bag is available through: Toys R Us, Baby Bunting, The Pharmacy, Bubs Baby Stores and other leading independent baby retailers.



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