There aren’t many shortcuts you can take when you’re looking after a young baby. It’s hands on and a lot of hard work. Many of us feel lucky to be able to look after our babies, which makes all the hard work worth it. However, there is one job that is a thankless task; sterilising bottles, dummies, teething rings, breast pumps, etc.

Washing, setting up the steriliser or boiling a big pot of water, and sterilising the baby equipment is a time consuming ever-recurring task. Milton Antibacterial tablets are one way of reducing your time at the steriliser and are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs.

Being able to drop clean bottles or other baby items into the sterilising solution and walk away is a revelation. Fifteen minutes later the bottles are fully sterilised. Two tablets makes four litres of sterilising solution that can be used for up to 24 hours, which means you can drop things in to the sterilising bucket at different times of the day.


Not only are they easy and convenient to use, it is one less piece of baby equipment that you don’t need to buy. Here are some other reasons to love Milton Antibacterial Tablets:

  • There’s no boiling or rinsing required
  • Baby equipment can be placed in sterilising solution straight from the dishwasher
  • It’s quick – you can sit and have a cuppa and by the time you’re done, everything is sterilised
  • It can be used elsewhere in the home to disinfect other items such as chopping boards, cupboards, work surfaces, shelves, cookers, fridges and freezers just by wiping the surfaces with the solution
  • It can be used to remove stains from cups and other kitchen utensils, sterilise kitchen sponges, toothbrushes, jars, toys, among other things
  • They are easy and convenient to transport. If you’re going away you don’t need to worry about packing a clunky steriliser, take enough tablets to last your trip packed in your luggage
  • They have stood the test of time – our mothers used them, and so did our grandmothers. Milton Antibacterial Tablets have been around since 1916 so you know they can be trusted.

Milton Antibacterial Tablets are widely available in chemists and supermarkets across Australia.

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