As a first time mum of a gorgeous newborn baby girl – now 8 weeks, I was given sebamed baby skincare products to trial from birth and use as part of our bath time routine.

sebamed baby skincare review

First look

Like all first time mums, I wanted to make sure I use products that are delicate on my baby girl, her bottom was really sensitive when she was born, she had really concentrated urine which irritated her until my milk came in. So sebamed was exactly what I was looking for. 

I love that sebamed baby skincare products are made with sensitive children’s skin in mind and have a pH of 5.5 balance.


The sebamed baby skincare range is really gentle on my little ones skin. They’re so sensitive when they are born and their skin doesn’t have the protective barriers we have so sebamed baby products are perfect for this. 

The sebamed facial cream is perfect for use when bubs face is dry and also helps with milk spots or baby baby acne.

sebamed baby skincare review


I started using the sebamed bath wash and the baby lotion during my little ones bath routine and it really made a difference after her first bath. The pH level really helped her nappy rash, it lessoned the redness and the added camomile in the bath wash really helped calm my little one for her evening feed. She smells lovely too!

sebamed baby skincare review

I love the sebamed baby lotion, my little one really enjoys it the most when I massage it into her skin after bath, its really soothing and continues the calming process throughout the bath routine.It’s so lovely and soft to massage through with a light fragrance that is not too pungent. I am really sensitive to smell so that is really important as well for me and this product is a winner on that front.


sebamed Baby skincare products are priced really well and last a really long time, my baby is 8 weeks old and we bath her every second day and we aren’t even close to finishing it. 

Over all

I would definitely recommend sebamed to any mum with a child with sensitive skin, my little ones nappy rash has cleared and we are still using the product because it is so lovely on her skin.